VORTICE S.p.A. announces the acquisition of the historic Spanish brand...

VORTICE S.p.A. announces the acquisition of the historic Spanish brand CASALS, purchasing 100% of the share capital from VENTILACIÓN INDUSTRIAL IND. S.L. (Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Girona, Catalonia, Spain), a Company that operates in the Industrial Ventilation Systems sector.

The two historic Companies, which were established and developed in different periods and geographical contexts, will continue to pursue the same values and objectives as they did before. In fact, VORTICE and CASALS both have a corporate ethos that values people and human relations, the same vision of the future and are also driven by a passion for taking on new challenges, especially in terms of attention to product design, technological innovation and market expansion. Other elements that VORTICE and CASALS have in common are an industrial organisation based on a solid know-how in product design and manufacturing, which revolves around product quality and reliability, also thanks to a capable monitoring structure and significant investments in laboratory equipment. Last but not least, the two Companies have a strong commitment to Pre-sales and After-sales care, aimed at supporting Installers and design Studios in the initial set-up and dimensioning stages of the installation process.

Thanks to this partnership, VORTICE Group will be able to reinforce its offer with catalogues that complement the products of the entire Group, which will expand the Company’s network and open up further commercial avenues on the international market. “From now on, VORTICE and CASALS will be sharing their technical knowledge and commercial assets, which will allow us to create a multiplier for the growth and development of both companies. We will also be reinforcing the logistics and production facilities. As well as this, particular attention will be given to strengthening the development process for new products by the two Companies Research & Development teams, with the aim of providing increasingly efficient solutions with a keen focus on the environmental impact of the products, reduction in energy consumption and noise pollution.” states Stefano Guantieri, Director-General of VORTICE S.p.A. and the new Vice President of CASALS. “The name, the identity and logo CASALS will be maintained” asserts David Samper, confirmed CEO and Vice President of CASALS.

CASALS will be also be able to reinforce and expand its already vast portfolio of Industrial Ventilation products, particularly the certified Range of 200-300-400° C/2 hour hot fume extraction models, the ATEX certified Range for potentially explosive environments and the certified Range of 120V/60Hz products which comply with international electrical standards.

This operation is perfectly coherent with the medium to long-term strategies of VORTICE, a reference point in the Residential Ventilation sector, which intends to reinforce the Company’s presence in the Industrial Applications sector, offering one of the most complete Catalogue on the market.

VORTICE Group also owns LORAN, a Company specialised in the development, production and sale of Air Treatment Units for industrial applications. In fact, LORAN’s core business is the manufacture of custom-made projects that are specifically tailored to the installation and system requirements of its Clients.

“At a time when many Multinationals are coming to Italy to buy ‘prestigious pieces’ from our manufacturing system, we are going against the grain with the 100% acquisition of the Spanish CASALS. It is a course we have been taking for several years: first with the acquisition of LORAN in 2010, a Company based in Verona that is specialist in Industrial Air Treatment Units. Then we crossed the Atlantic and, from the VORTICE LATAM headquarters in Costa Rica, we now coordinate many Countries on the Central and South American markets. In 2013, VORTICE Group inaugurated the VORTICE Ventilation System production plant in Changzhou (China), with the key focus on the Chinese market. It is also important to mention that none of this would have been possible without the professional assistance of BCO Swiss Family Office, the Family Office that has been strategically flanking VORTICE Group in implementing the expansion Plan defined. And now, thanks to this further important step, VORTICE Group, now employs over 400 people, with a consolidated Group turnover that is set to exceed 100 M€”, states Andrea Sacha Togni Chairman of the Board of VORTICE Group. 

A market leader, VORTICE S.p.A. designs, produces and distributes Air Treatment products. Through the same Company or other local Distributors, the Company operates in over 90 Countries worldwide and offers a vast portfolio of products for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors: from the long-established extractors, fans, air-conditioning systems, purifiers, and fan heaters, right the way through to heat recovery systems for high-performance buildings.

CASALS is an historic brand owned by VENTILACIÓN INDUSTRIAL IND. S.L., a Spanish Company founded in 1881 that now employs 110 people. In 1924, the Company started to develop, produce and sell Industrial Ventilation systems. With a consolidated network of Distributors in Spain, the Company’s export activities amount to 60% of the Company’s turnover.

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January 20th 2020

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