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Milano Design Week 2018...

MILANO DESIGN WEEK APRIL 17-22, 2018 Milan Design Week 2018, the partnership between VORTICE and FUTURDOME continues: the first housing museum project dedicated to contemporary art, where Vortice as Technical Sponsor will integrate innovative solutions linked to the functional design tradition of the Milanese company. Historically this building was a meeting place for artists belonging to the Futurist movement. Today, it represents a meeting place for the next design era, inspired by the Futurist Movement. FuturDome is a housing museum that aims to nurture emerging international talents and provide a home for creative thinkers. A territory where the contemporary arts and disciplines become an integral part of everyday life, with the aim of merging outstanding projects with a classy atmosphere. Like Futurdome, Vortice has always seen in aesthetics, and therefore in design, a leading role that from the '70s up to nowdays has reached high levels thanks to the collaborations of many designers, Zanuso, Sapper, Trabucco and Vecchio, making some products "timeless".

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April 16th 2018

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