Code 26021



• Outer casing moulded from ABS thermoplastic resin.
• Water tank moulded from translucent ABS, capacity 3 liters.
• Rotary compressor with protection device timed to delay restart by 3 minutes after each shutdown.
• Two operating speeds.
• Humidistat allowing preselection of residual moisture level in the room (40%, 50%, 60%, 70% or CONTINUOUS).
• Antifreeze thermostat designed to prevent icing, thereby allowing operation even at low temperatures.
• Removable and washable dust filter to prevent the growth of bacteria and to capture airborne dust particles.
• Activated carbon filter able to keep bad smells.
• Electronic control panel that allows:
o To switch on/off the unit,
o To set the relative humidity threshold (40%, 50%, 60% or 70%),
o To set Timer for the delayed automatic switching off (the delay can be set up to 24 hours),
o To set the fan speed,
o To set TURBO mode,
o To modify the environment datas shown on display.
• Set of indicator lights designed to show:
o The operating status of the appliance,
o The functioning mode (RH level or continuous functioning status),
o The system lockout triggered when water of condensation reaches the maximum limit in the collection tank,
o The duration of Timer setting,
o The TURBO mode functioning.
• A pair of handles and 4 wheels allow an easier repositioning even at full tank.
• It contains fluorinated greenhouse gas.
• Hermetically sealed equipment.
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Technical Data Sheet

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  • Size B (mm)
  • Size C (mm)
  • Size D (mm)
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