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• Frames consisting of rounded aluminium profiles with built-in, polyamide made, spacers for class TB2 thermal break; corners made of reinforced polyamide; double skin (sandwich), 10/10 panels (inner side with galvanized steel sheet, outer side with pre-laquered metal sheet (RAL 7035) with protective film); insulation through 25 mm high density (M0) mineral wool.
• 2 EC motors, independently adjustable, external rotor type, integrating safety thermal cut-outs, with backward curved impellers directly driven by ball bearings; 2 speeds adjustable during the installation.
• Air-to-air, rotary, aluminium made heat exchanger whose high performance, certified by Eurovent, exceeds 80% according to EN 308 standard.
• Circular branch connections with lip seals to grant the system air tightness.
• Electric post-heaters integrated.
• 2 filters, respectively G4 on extracted air (stale) and F7 on (fresh) air supply, both mounted upstream of inner components, on runners fitted with lip seals to ensure effective air tightness.
• Access to filters and inner components by security latch on removable panels.
• Technical compartment grouping electrical components and regulation. Open access by panels mounted on hinges.
• Brackets crimped into the structure for fixing to the ground.
• Rotation sensor, integrated in the machine control, showing the wheel working status.
• Pressure switch that controls the airflow across each fan, showing possible faults on the control panel display.
• Advanced electronic control suite, including a control box enriched by a LCD touch-screen display allowing:
o To independently adjust the fan speeds,
o To set a weekly, holiday and public holiday timer,
o To control the status of both filters,
o To integrate the unit in a BMS (communication protocols supported are MODBUS, BACNET and WEB TCP-IP),
o To adjust operating mode and performances, optimizing energy provision.
o To set the unit operation mode in case of fire, to be allowed among 5 pre-defined fan control alternatives,
o The machine diagnostic.
• A podlockable local circuit breaker, mounted on front panel, allows to stop the unit in case of fault.
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Technical Data Sheet

  • Size A (mm)
  • Size B (mm)
  • Size C (mm)
  • Vents diameter Ø A (mm)
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