Remote control panel with color graphic LCD display that can be combined with VORTICE centralized residential heat recovery units.

• Graphic touch display with 4.5” screen size.
• Wall fixing plate without using standard electrical boxes.
• Connection to the heat recovery unit through safety low voltage door (maximum cable length: 70 meters).
• User-adjustable screen brightness on 3 different intensity levels.
• Display time-out settable at 30, 60 and 120 seconds.
• Night light on the lower portion of the control panel, adjustable by the user on 4 levels of light intensity.
• Management software available in 6 languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese.
• TUV SUD verified safety.


N.B: The functions and display data described above may vary depending on the controlled mechanical ventilation unit to which the CB LCD TOUCH W control panel is combined.

• To switch on/off of the controlled mechanical ventilation unit.
• For first set-up procedure protected by password (Installer Menu).
• For manual selection of the operating speed (MANUAL MODE).
• For the activation of automatic mode (AUTO MODE): the product automatically adjusts its operation based on the previously set weekly schedule.
• For the activation of BOOST mode: the product switches to maximum speed.
• For the activation of QUIET mode: the product will never switch to operation at maximum speed during the night (night time slot can be set by user).
• For the activation of the HOLIDAY MODE: the unit operates continuously at a reduced speed in order to ensure the necessary air exchange even in long absence of people inside home.
• To set weekly VMC operating schedule.
• For the manual activation of by-pass damper.
• For the activation/exclusion of pre-heater/post-heater (if installed).
• To show:
• INDOOR and OUTDOOR air temperature (°C/°F).
• Indoor Relative humidity (RH).
• To show the correct activation of the defrosting procedure in case of excessively cold temperatures.
• To show the correct VMC functioning: possible malfunctions are highlighted by error messages shown on the display.
• To show filters status for correct periodic maintenance.
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Technical Data Sheet

  • Max absorbed current (A)
  • Max absorbed power (W)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Weight (Kg)
  • Size A (mm)
  • Size B (mm)
  • Size C (mm)
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