Device for CO2 environmental concentration monitoring; adjustable threshold in the range 0 - 5,000 ppm.
Exceeding the threshold value causes the switch on of the two VORTICE VARIO fans; the drop in the concentration of carbon dioxide below the safety value causes the fans switch off.
• Integrated relative humidity sensor allows to show temperature and RH values.
• Possibility to program, on a weekly basis, the switching on/off of the fans (ideal, for example, in the case of use in classrooms, refectories, canteens, etc.).
• Possibility of integration into a building management system (BMS - Building Management System), Modbus protocol, integrated RS485 port.
• Graphic display, for immediate understanding of system status and environmental parameters.
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Technical Data Sheet

  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Weight (Kg)
  • Size A (mm)
  • Size B (mm)
  • Size C (mm)
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