• Material: UV resistant plastic (prevents ageing caused by exposure to sunlight).
• Nominal diameter 100 mm.
• High efficiency electronically controlled (EC) commutator motor coupled to a centrifugal impeller, guaranteeing a wide range of adjustments and significantly reduced energy consumption, per unit of performance delivered.
• Double motor-fan enclosure, antivibration mounts and non-return damper combining to ensure extremely quiet operation.
• Removable and washable metal mesh filter (dishwasher safe).
• Closure with silicone diaphragm designed to prevent backdraughts when the appliance is off.
• Vertical outlet port supplied as standard with spigot positionable horizontally by means of diverter.
• Outlet port equipped with non-return damper.
• Vortice speed controller supplied as optional.
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Technical Data Sheet

  • Size A (mm)
  • Size B (mm)
  • Size C (mm)
  • Size D (mm)
    Ø 97
  • Size E (mm)
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