• Nominal diameter 600 mm
• Wall-mounting panel manufactured from phosphated pressed steel, polyester powder coated with hammered effect finish, guaranteeing long-term resistance to atmospheric agents.
• Ventilation port fashioned in one piece with the panel and gauged to optimize air flow.
• Protective grille (in accordance with UNI ISO 13857 standard) combining the function of motor bracket, made of electrically welded steel with epoxy paint finish, colour black. Easy removal simplifies maintenance and cleaning of the fan.
• 1 speed asynchronous three-phase AC motor with shaft turning in double shielded ball bearings, insulation class F.
• Maximum air flow 14,500 m3/h
• Impeller with 6 wing profile blades keyed to a diecast aluminium hub and dynamically balanced (UNI ISO 1940 – Balancing class 6.3), optimized to deliver maximum performance and low noise levels, moulded from filled polypropylene for superior dimensional stability and resistance to atmospheric agents.
• Vortice speed controllers.
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Technical Data Sheet

  • Size A (mm)
  • Size B (mm)
  • Size C (mm)
  • Size D (mm)
    Ø 610
  • Size D1 (mm)
    Ø 612,5
  • Size D2 (mm)
    Ø 618
  • Size D3 (mm)
    Ø 600
  • Size E (mm)
  • Size F (mm)
    Ø 12
  • Size G (mm)
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