Air is life

The Vortice mission is to improve the quality of the air we breathe, and to guarantee maximum well-being in the buildings we inhabit.

Distinguishing marks: a feeling for design

The history of Vortice has been connected with design for over 60 years, during which time a sensitivity to line and form has become ingrained in our DNA and become a corporate value.

Innovation: a human characteristic

Innovators are few and far between. Vortice has always looked for people with a flair for innovation
and sought to turn their ideas into future reality.

A small detail
called quality

A long tradition of design with attention given to the smallest detail, underpinning a promise of quality delivered through products that guarantee long term reliability.

Maximum efficiency

New Vortice heat recovery: efficient
air exchange with recessed installation
in the absence of centralised system.

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The best ideas
for ventilation

Improving the quality of life also means improving the quality of the air we breathe. Vortice was incorporated to design and distribute ventilation appliances for heating, cooling, refreshing and cleaning the air in enclosed spaces where people live and work.

Combining design and practicality, Vortice ventilation products handle air efficiently and safely, with care for the environment and for the well-being of people.


Featured products

Discover all the latest developments

Vort HRW Mono Range
Vort HRW Mono Range
Heat recovery unit for single rooms, designed for concealed installation in a perimeter wall
Vort Qbk Sal-Kc Range
Vort Qbk Sal-Kc Range
New cabinet fans designed to extract
hot, humid and dirty air.
Deumido Range
Deumido Range
Automatically controlling condensation and damp.
Vort HR 350 Avel Range
Vort HR 350 Avel Range
New residential heat recovery unit. Compact size and maximum efficiency.
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