• Casing and motor-support made of galvanized sheet steel; lined internally with melamine sound-proof panel (thickness 50 mm).
• Circular spigots for connection to standard tubes, equipped with double lip rubber seal for perfect air tightness.
• Nominal diameter: 125 mm.
• External rotor AC motorfan, with shaft turning in ball bearings, coupled to a backward curved centrifugal impeller.
• Galvanized steel sheet brackets, directly coupled to casing.
• Electric connection box accomodating capacitors, molded with shock-proof plastic resin resistant against aggressive agents, integrating cable cages and cable glands to ensure high protection (IP55) against dust and water.
• 3 alternative installation: wall, ceiling and false-ceiling.
• Easy maintenance: motor is directly fixed to the cover, in turn hinged to the casing, allowing easy external rotation and motorfan direct access.
• Protection against dust and water: IP44.
• Electric insulation class: I (grounding is required).
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Technical Data Sheet

  • Diametro Ø (mm)
  • Size A (mm)
  • Size B (mm)
  • Size C (mm)
  • Size D (mm)
  • Size E (mm)
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